Horno und die Kohle


TitelHorno und die Kohle
AlternativtitelHorno and the Coal
Teil von aus der Reihe/SerieDer dokumentarische Blick: Die Liebe zum Land
Untergeordneter TitelEin Dorf in der Lausitz k├Ąmpft ums ├ťberleben

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ErstausstrahlungDienstag, 04.11.1997 auf Nord 3
FestivalteilnahmenG├Âttingen Ethnographic Film Festival, 1998


Inhalt"Horno is a small village in East-Germany, close to the polish border. Because of the planned extension of an already existing browncoal mining-site nearby, the coal-industry and the government of the state of Brandenburg decided to demolish the village and resettle its 350 inhabitants. But most people from Horno offer resistance to the plan, a resistance which was not possible when the plan first became known in the early eighties. The coal-industry now tries to weaken the solidarity of the villagers, who are mostly landowners, with high purchase-offers, but only in a few cases this strategy was successful. Yet a new legislation also makes possible a forced resettlement-which was the usual practice under the communist regime. The film offers an insight into the fears and hopes of some of the people from Horno and makes it clear why they want to stay in their village. While the broader ecological and economical context of the conflict is touched only on the side, the main focus is on the emotions of the villagers, especially their love of the countryside." (Quelle: Datenbank G├Âttingen Ethnographic Film Festival)



StandortG├Âttingen International Ethnographic Film Festival (Archiv)
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StandortFilmuniversit├Ąt Babelsberg
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Angaben zur QuelleDatenbank G├Âttingen Ethnographic Film Festival
HFF Potsdam Hochschulbibliothek
Universit├Ątsbibliothek L├╝neburg, Walter Uka Sammlung [Sendetermin]