Töchter der sieben Hütten


TitelTöchter der sieben Hütten

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MaterialAnalog Video

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FestivalteilnahmenGöttingen Ethnographic Film Festival


Inhalt"This is the story of an Indian woman. This is not the story of oppression and hatred, which we would expect to hear about the fate of a woman in India. It is the story of power, love and responsibility. Aileen's story. Aileen lives in the Northeast of India, in Meghalaya. She belongs to the Khasi people, a people where women have had the say for centuries. The fates of husbands, sons and brothers are traditionally determined by the women there. The grandmother is the chief of the caln and she passes her knowledge and power to the youngest daughter of the family, called the "Kadduh". In Aileen's clan, the Massars, her youngest sister Kamtilin (11 years old) is the "Kadduh". Some day Kamtilin will take responsibility for the entire clan and in return she will inherit the family home and land. And what is more, the family money is tied up in the tradition. So when Aileen wants to open a restaurant her grandmother cannot support her financially. Aileen finds a different way. She persuades her mother to sell part of the family property though according to the tradition of the Khasis, family property should not be sold. As a result the grandmother falls very ill. By her unwavering devotion to her grandmother and with the help of "Syiem Sad" the high-priestress, Aileen tries to atone for the wrongdoing." Quelle: Datenbank Göttingen Ethnographic Film Festival



StandortGöttingen International Ethnographic Film Festival (Archiv)
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Angaben zur QuelleDatenbank Göttingen Ethnographic Film Festival