Dhiava: The Autumn Journey


TitelDhiava: The Autumn Journey

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ProduzentDavid Hope
RegieDavid Hope
KameraDavid Hope

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ProduktionDavid Hope


FestivalteilnahmenG├Âttingen Ethnographic Film Festival


Inhalt"The film takes place in the Pindos moutains in North Western Greece. We meet Tsiogas and Steryios Anthoulis with her flocks of sheep on the moutains, then the third brother Vassilis in the village of Sanarina. It is the time of the festival of 15th of August and the village is packed with returning families and relations celebrating their culture and roots. They are all Vlachs, who speak a language closely related to Romanian. We return in October for the Dhiava, the autumn journey. Tin Salmon. Who also narrates the film, travel with the Anthoulis brothers on foot as they bring their flockes of sheep down from the Pindos moutains to the plains of Thessaly, a journey of a 150 kilometers which takes about 10 days. The shepherds are helped by hired men, mostly illegal Albanian immigrants like Leonidas, whose story we hear at the campfire. We also meet Thodorakis, a Greek born Vlach sheperd who spent 40 years trapped in Albania by the former communist regime. Tsiogas nd Vassilis tell through interview the history of the Dhiava and its significance for them today, in a Greece that is changing rapidly. Ths journey is the last remaining part of the tradition of transhumance that used to be commonplace all over Europe." (Quelle: Datenbank G├Âttingen Ethnographic Film Festival)



StandortG├Âttingen International Ethnographic Film Festival (Archiv)
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