Bausaison in Tiébélé


TitelBausaison in Tiébélé
AlternativtitelBuilding Season in Tiébélé

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MaterialAnalog Video

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FestivalteilnahmenGöttingen Ethnographic Film Festival


Inhalt"The film focuses on the problem of rural development. It indicates the importance of culturally sensitive development strategies. In the early thirties, a large canal irrigation scheme was triggered of in the Mysore district in South India Mangala, an irrigated village in South India. Mangala, an irrigated village is on the way of becoming a model growth centre, increased per acre productivity and extension o irrigated acreages have facilitated the land capacity to accommodate increasing numbers. Mangala continues to be introverted village; villagers continue to have a strong social identity and feel proud of their village achievements. By contrast, Kalenahalli, the dry village, has become more and more village extroverted, so much so that that social anomie has set in and the village will soon disappear altogether becoming absorbed as a suburb by the nearby town of Mandya. The film not only presents how the villagers themselves see the changes that have taken place, but also how one of them, T Thimmegowda, now a senior administrative official, perceives the development. The study on which the film is based was begun by Prof. T Scarlett Epstein in 1954 and has been continued up to the present day. It is the onla study in the whole of India in which the same researcher covers a period as long as 43 years." Quelle: Datenbank Göttingen Ethnographic Film Festival



StandortGöttingen International Ethnographic Film Festival (Archiv)
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Angaben zur QuelleQuelle: Datenbank Göttingen Ethnographic Film Festival