Don Edkins


BiografieDon Edkins (South Africa) is a documentary film director and producer. He was born in Cape Town in 1953 and left South Africa in 1976 for political reasons. In 1994 he returned to South Africa to vote in the first democratic elections. With an academic background in development studies and African languages, he has extensive work experience in the field of media and development. In Lesotho he published a national popular educational magazine, and founded a mobile video cinema that distributes and screens films at a community level. He has directed and produced a number of documentary films, most recently the multi-awarded Steps for the Future (2001/4) — a collection of 38 films from southern Africa about life in the time of HIV/AIDS. Steps for the Future was the first project of the Steps group of commissioning editors and producers, broadcast around the world, and screened at 150 film festivals. With 18 different local language versions the series continues to be used as a major outreach programme in the southern African region using documentary film to reduce stigma and discrimination of people living with HIV and AIDS. Currently he is an executive producer for the STEPS global documentary project on democracy. (