Ingrid Thulin


Alternativer NameIngrid Lilian Thulin
BiografieActress, Director, Writer. Born: January 27, 1926 in SollefteÄ, VÀsternorrlands lÀn, Sweden Died: January 7, 2004 (age 77) in Stockholm, Stockholms lÀn, Sweden. Along with the legendary Bibi Andersson, Liv Ullmann, Eva Dahlbeck, and Harriet Andersson, icy blonde Ingrid Thulin became one of the preeminent Swedish femme stars of Ingmar Bergman's grim, emotional film masterpieces. Born in northern Sweden, she studied ballet as a child and attended the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. She worked in a number of Bergman's stage productions before moving to films in the late 40s. After co-starring in the classic Wild Strawberries (1957), the film that catapulted Bergman to the international film front, she shared a Cannes Film Festival award with Dahlbeck and Bibi Andersson for their participation in Bergman's Brink of Life (1958). She continued with the director in The Face (1958) Winter Light (1962), The Silence (1963), for which she won the Swedish version of the "Oscar" ("Guldbagge"), Hour of the Wolf (1968), and Cries and Whispers (1972), all the while breaking out internationally. Other important non-Bergman works include the British melodrama Return from the Ashes (1965) with Maximillian Schell and Samantha Eggar, and the controversial Visconti drama The Damned (1968). She made less of an impression in America opposite Robert Mitchum in Foreign Intrigue (1956) and in the pallid remake of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1962), in which her voice was dubbed by Angela Lansbury. She also made herself briefly known on Broadway in the short-lived production "Of Love Remembered" in 1967, and appeared on TV in the mini-series Moses, the Lawgiver" starring Burt Lancaster. Second husband Harry Schein was the founder of the Swedish Film Institute. Married in the late 1950s, they divorced in 1989. She lived in Rome since the 1960s, but returned to Stockholm for treatment of an undisclosed illness when she died at age 77. (Quelle: